What’s this about?


I am not going to lie. I am brand stinking brand new at this blogging thing. Granted I have journal after journals I have written for years. One day I looked around in the blog world ( thanks to pintrest!). I had a thought ‘hey, I can totally do that!’

I am using my theme towards a Christian mom, wife and your friend next door. Now, I am not saying – I am a novel writer and I do realized there are zillions of blogs out. I guess I want to treat this as my open journal with my fellow readers!

I want this blog to be FUN and I want it to INSPIRE you and I want you to be BLESSED!

My goal is to at least ONE person a day! And I believe if I put this in God’s hands … one day I may have 100’s ( I have small goals right now!)

I will keep post it notes when an idea pops in my mind – so it should be interesting around my house. I already keep bible verses all over!

Garfield can tell you all about that!


I am not going to ask to leave comments or likes. This isn’t a popularly contest HOWEVER – tell your friends – I want to spread the word! It will give me a smile!
Now, off to the post it notes for my next post!

Squeezes and Cheezes



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