Fresh Day.. Love Endures Forever.

God is so beautiful. We will never know how beautiful Heaven is going to be. We can have glimpse at times. I have a heart that is FULL of God even when I don’t feel Him sometimes. I have to sit back and just whisper ” I am here, Lord.” Here is a picture I took this morning during my walk. I was sitting near my lake and just praying and worshiping. This is my reminder.


My prayer walk:

Dear Lord,

I give you such gratitude for all your beauty you created since the beginning of time. You are the maker of everything in life. Your love amazes me and gives me the strength to go on. I do not deserve anything you bless me with. I humbly come down on my knees to praise you. To see your face in the morning sky. It’s a new day, Lord, and I love you.. and I need you… you are my everything .. even when I feel like I am alone.


{{ Photo Credit: Natasha Scott – author of Blog}}



100 Days of Happiness – Day One


I am starting a new project. ( I am always looking for creative outlets!) I have been seeing this around a lot. I think it is a cool idea!

I will post 100 days of pictures that make me happy. Simple. My online photo album of sorts.

Since I was a kid I keep journals. I think I have like 15 now. This is a great outlet for me. I talk to God in my journal too. I love writing letters to Him. Sometimes that is actually easier than speaking. I also write memories ( I seem to forget a lot) . It is a great way to go back and see how God has brought you through some nasty storms.

I hope you will see daily things that make you happy!