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“Am I messing up my Kids?”
Proverbs Bible Study

::Memory Verse::



You are a Masterpiece



I am approaching this blog in a new way. I am going to try to do a Bible Verse Mapping. Basically, you write the verse you want and make it your own. You will personalize the way you want on how the verse is speaking to you. If you are a person that relates for to visible study – this is a great method.

I am going to map out Ephesians 2:10 – this verse is my memory verse in my Limitless Life study with Proverbs ( by the way – it is really fun and you learn a lot)

Ephesians 2:10

“For we are God’s masterpiece He has created us anew in Jesus Christ, so we can do all things He planned for us long ago.”

Do I feel like a masterpiece? Absolutely not – I mean – have you seen me in the morning??I mean really I am a mess! After a hot shower to wash away the sleepiness in my eyes and revive on coffee ( how many cups – you don’t want to know) Again, look in the mirror – I see wrinkles, grey hair and dark spots that Mary Kay couldn’t cover up. Yuck! We pile on a layer of makeup and here in Texas a ton of hairspray. While we are sitting in traffic, we mistakenly look into the rear view mirror. Wow, what was I thinking with that shade of lipstick?

crazy-stupid-ugly-clumsy-funny-dumb-god-loves-simple-bad-hair-day-thats-me-myself-depressed-ugly-tired (1)

Us women – we have to pluck, pinch, tuck and suck in to even touch the idea of a masterpiece. We question our husbands on our appearance but we get tired of the ‘you look fine, hunnyy’ while playing candy crush on the phone. We stomp away fuming. Our self-confidence is in the toilet. We sit on the edge of our bed with the lost hope of our beauty. Who can possibility think I am a masterpiece.

 We hang our head in shame – feeling worthless. But we feel a small pull in your heart. You hear a soft whisper in your ear. That voice is saying “Daughter, you are a masterpiece. For I have made you. I sent my only Son for you to start fresh. I have wonderful plans for you. You are NOT alone”.



In the verse I posted in the picture – You will see I changed the “WE” to “I am God’s Masterpiece” I belong to Him. He loves me the way I am. He doesn’t care about my appearance”.

God has seen you and known you since you were born. Since the minute you became a life. He has held you up and made that path of life for you. He has plans for you. You many not know what that is. I am famous for laying in my bed staring at the ceiling and asking GOD why? What am I suppose to do?

Let God mold your heart. Let Him rip those labels off. You are not a loser, you have a purpose. Let Me guide you. 

You are made like no one else on Earth. You are Gods special creation. He thinks you are the most awesome person EVER.

Let Him use that mess of yourself for the good. You will find your purpose. You will have that renew life. You will have God by your side.

Now, in the morning – jump up and run to the mirror and say – I AM A MASTERPIECE! and you will hear that small voice in your heart.

Yes, Daughter you are MY masterpiece. 

My prayer for you – is to know you are a piece of art in God’s eyes.




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:: My first Bible Verse Mapping::

Are you a bedazzling lady of Christ?

I have a small group on facebook that gears towards women’s fellowship. This group is growing one by one. We are seeing support and understanding how important God’s plan in our lives. This is a journey for all of us. I had made a small safe community in a social media setting. I know God is working in this group.

If you want to be a part of this – you should add me as a friend – the group is secret and invite only. God has put this on my heart for ladies to connect.

Here is my facebook: Natasha Scott

Here is a little intro for the group. We would love to have you!

Peace of My Heart

Peace of My Heart

Separating Laundry


The laundry – ugh – never ending piles of the unknown times my husband has worn his underwear. I will save the details because frankly – it grosses me out. I also always been afraid the dreaded red shirt or underwear will bleed on my favorite shirt. I don’t have many due to I rather spend money on taking my kids to the movies.

I have come to realize it is very important to pay attention when sorting. Nothing is worse than a pair of pants that shrink enough where it can be worn on an American Girl Doll. There is no reason she needs to look cool and hip with YOUR clothes!

I threaten my two boys ( one is 42 years old) to not touch anything! I cringe of the thought of ‘men washing’. AKA – just throw everything in there till the door won’t shut and hardly any soap. Ladies, you know exactly what I am talking about.

These times I have to go back to the Bible and think of Jesus. I think He is the only One that is able to wash those clothes any color any size..even those grass stains you just want to give up on.  Jesus loves everyone – He has not reason to separate people in groups. He accepts everyone no matter how dirty you are.

Does Jesus love everyone and interact with them despite their sinfulness?” then of course the answer is yes.

Jesus ate with and associated with “sinners and tax collectors”  Matt 9:11; 11:19

But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7


We have to put ourselves where we love each other whole-heartily. Do what you feel in your heart what Jesus would want you to do. Love each other no matter what type of person they are. Everyone has that soft spot inside them. We may not see it – but we know Jesus accepts that person as they are.

Even when your kids throw towels that are used only once.. remember to LOVE your kids….