Know God is There


We are studying Exodus at my church. I love how you can read a chapter again, and see new things that God is saying to you. I am going to put my notes in this blog for me to come back and maybe help someone else.

Exodus 5:1-2

After this presentation to the Israel’s leader, Moses and Aaron went and spoke to Pharaoh. They told him “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, say’s let my people go so they may hold the festival in the honor of in the wilderness” 

Moses and Aaron to the Pharaoh to command to let God’s people go. God used Moses and Aaron freewill to try to change the Pharaoh’s free will. We have to remember God uses us to help others see the eyes on the Lord. We can live the life God has giving us.. to show we have freewill to be the person God wants us to me. Show your relationship for God to others. Be prepared to go through hard times. God is about to use you, your freewill God gave us, to show and try to change other’s freewill.

The people of Egypt looked to the Pharaoh as a God. They didn’t put God first and that resulted in the plagues. God used the destroyers to open the people’s eyes. God uses pain to give us the vision to get closer to God.

Exodus 6:7-8

I will claim you as my own people, and I will be your own God. Than you will know that I am the LORD your God that has freed you from oppression in Egypt. 

Let others know that even if you are going to horrible pain – you will overcome with God’s love. He will bring you through it. Don’t think you are buried in the oppression of the world.

Exodus 6:9

So Moses told the people of Israel what the Lord had said, but they refused to listen anymore. They had become to discourage by the brutality of their slavery.

Just like the slaves instead of opening their ears and hear God’s plea to change their lives. To help them escape the pain.. they were focus on the feeling of scared of God.

God is bigger than your problems. Open your ears. Pay attention.

the pain. They were so enclosed in themselves and how THEY could get out themselves instead of putting it the arms of God. You will hear that small voice of God where He is pointing you to go.

Just like the slaves instead of opening their ears and hear God’s plea to change their lives. To help them escape the pain.. they were focus on the feeling of scared of the pain. They were so enclosed in themselves and how THEY could get out themselves instead of putting it the arms of God.

God is bigger than your problems. Open your ears. Pay attention. You will hear that small voice of God where He is pointing you to go.

Exodus 14:31

” When the people of Israel saw the mighty power of that the Lord had unleashed against the Egyptians, they were filled with the awe before him. They put THEIR faith in the Lord and  in the servant Moses”

When you see God bring you through the pain and suffering .. you will be in awe of His power. God will have that relationship He made us for. That God yearns and craves.

Don’t worry about your problems.. God has you…



Fresh Day.. Love Endures Forever.

God is so beautiful. We will never know how beautiful Heaven is going to be. We can have glimpse at times. I have a heart that is FULL of God even when I don’t feel Him sometimes. I have to sit back and just whisper ” I am here, Lord.” Here is a picture I took this morning during my walk. I was sitting near my lake and just praying and worshiping. This is my reminder.


My prayer walk:

Dear Lord,

I give you such gratitude for all your beauty you created since the beginning of time. You are the maker of everything in life. Your love amazes me and gives me the strength to go on. I do not deserve anything you bless me with. I humbly come down on my knees to praise you. To see your face in the morning sky. It’s a new day, Lord, and I love you.. and I need you… you are my everything .. even when I feel like I am alone.


{{ Photo Credit: Natasha Scott – author of Blog}}


That’s a Piece of Cake!



I am working with verse mapping this week – with a light heart story to connect Jesus to your life. 


“But to all who believed Him and accepted Him. He gave the right to become chidren of God” John 1:12

I love cake – oh boy – oh boy… I always in the mood to bake one and decorate all like the one’s I see on pinterest.

But you can say I have a bad case of Pinterest fail. I am not the best baker. I envy Cake Boss. I also envy that girl down the street that makes gorgeous pink zebra stripe cakes for a 2 year old. I guess I will have to stick to Betty Crocker and the wonderful icing in the plastic cup. Which you are always tempted to take that spoon and indulge in that double double trouble chocolate!

I take my metal pans out the oven. I leave them to cool for 15 minutes. I come back, say a little prayer, and flip them. Only for them to come out half and half. Great !!

We really need this cakes done like yesterday for the church party. You don’t want to come in with half a cake which they will think – “she couldn’t get to church before munching on it!!”

We need help, fast!

That crumb sitting them is not attached to the cake. It is a reject. It seems like the cake just said you are damage – and you will not be part of this beautiful creation. The crumb looks around and feels like an outcast. Suddenly, a knife comes and picks the crumb up. The crumb is put back on the cake and viola – it is slapped with icing . Now, the crumb is part of that beautiful cake. Everyone will oooo and awww at you creation while you smile thinking ‘ hey, this wasn’t as bad as I thought!”

This fits into the chapter Five : From Damaged Goods to Trophy of Grace Limitless Life. Yes, I am going somewhere with this.

We can find ourselves not part of a greater purpose. We feel like the outcast and not good enough. I know I can think – how can I ever get better? How can ever be forgiven with all the damaged I did, people I hurt, the stigma that follows me?

Lets use the Samaritan woman at the well as an example.  She was an outcast because she was damaged ( like our cake). She felt so ashamed of her life. She felt like a failure and all she knew was the pain of her past. So many other’s judged her. I can be in her shoes any day of the week. I can do something and think “If anyone knew this – I would be outcast out.” Maybe by friends, family and even church.

The most beautiful thing will happen. Jesus will reach out to you. Even though He knows all your flaws and sins He still loves you the same and He wants you to be part of His family. He wants you to be healed and put back together. He doesn’t care how damaged you are. We have the power of Grace. We do not deserve to be put back together. We do not have to do anything to earn it. With the repentance of your sins – just admitting every dark secret you have – you will be given the gift of Grace. This brings tears to my eyes.

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think” Eph. 3:29″

Go ahead – go from damaged to having that gift of newness – to start over fresh. And the best thing is – IT IS FREE!

Okay back to our cake.

That crumb was iced over and put back on the whole. A knife picked up that crumb and place it back on the cake. Than comes that favorite part – icing. This is carefully iced on. The cake is whole again and looks so beautiful and delicious.  You are so proud !

The piece of cake believed it was going to somehow become a whole. The cake accepted the gift of grace  and it turned it to important part of this masterpiece.

Let the Knife be Jesus – putting you back on to be whole and new. Let the icing be the Holy Spirit using you to bind the works of Jesus. Let the whole cake be you – beautiful and wonderful made by Christ that loves you so much.

You are NO LONGER damaged!

Now dig in!! That is one thing that will never damage you – the yummy taste of a moist cake!



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Dwelling Makes Me Free


Several years I lived on my own for the first time. I was so lonely. I walked in from a 10 hour day to just flop on the couch and absently flip channels to have something fill the air in my small apartment. I didn’t have a dwelling house. I had space. I was afraid. I had a new label – divorce wife. I felt like a failure. How could I start over?

Now, I have a home full of people. I love coming home to a family that missed me and cherish my presences. This is now my dwelling place. My new label now is I am a new wife and step mother.  I feel accomplished and proud. I made it! I had God on my back the whole time. I look back and I see God slowly ripping that label off and slapping a new one on. He is BIG. He is capable! He is my God the o’mighty. God has come inside me – He is dwelling deep in my heart and soul. He made His new home for His spirit.

a building or place of shelter to live in; place of residence; abode; home.


Everything now I in my life fits in their place. The husband went to work, came home and the wife welcomes him with open arms. The children come home and fills your life with instant chaos.  These crazy and loving people belong here – in our dwelling place.  They are not strangers. They are the ones that fill your heart. These people are a team. You make everything happen together. This dwelling place you called home has become a of beacon of light.

God is building me inside a place for Him to dwell in.   He wants me to be filled up with a spiritual presence.  I don’t want to be an empty vessel – He doesn’t want me to be empty. He doesn’t want space – He wants you to work with Him to have that beautiful dwelling place. He wants you to have Him in your heart and soul. Like our family, we have a place in ourselves that is being built for a home. A space that is waiting to be filled.

Your heart is a home for God. He wants to become a team with you. When He is in your heart you are capable of achieving everything and anything. He will make you free.  The spirit of God with dwell in you. He will be home.

When I think of this, I think of an empty vessel. The spirit comes in a fills this vessel with so many gifts. God gives us peace, freedom, love, comfort, spiritual strength, wisdom. This vessel at the end will be overflowing. This gifts from God will never empty or run out. He dwells so deep within us that His love will be felt ever step in our life.

Psalm 16:11
American Standard Version (ASV)
11 Thou wilt show me the path of life: In thy presence is fullness of joy; In thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

Will you let yourself have God come dwell in your heart and soul? I am daily reminding me how much God loves me and how far it reaches. How much He wants to use me for Him to live inside me. Maybe this is my struggle. I pray that I feel that love and yearning. Don’t let the voices tell you are not good enough or not worth anything. Open up – let Him in – Let Him use you to show His spirit shine out like that beacon so you and other’s can see that love God has for you!

My testimony is I am free due to love myself knowing that I have God dwelling inside my heart. I no longer feel like a don’t belong here – God has brought be through with His plan. I am excited to see where He leads me now.


Oh Joy, Where are you?


Do you find joy daily?

Lets be serious.. I am lucky to get through the day with a smile on my face.

I spend my day taking care of my home. It can be a circle – get up – eat breakfast – check my emails-of course Facebook surfing clean for 15 min.- fix lunch – do laundry-rest- make dinner-clean after dinner-try to find time to take a walk-watch a little tv-and get ready for the next day.

It can get boring. My husbands biggest fear when we decided I would be a stay at home maker I would go stir crazy and develop a major case of cabin fever.


I have my days. I have found little things to help. One of them is just take it hour by hour. Routine  is a must and a new life style for me. However, at times I feel I don’t pull my weight around the house. My husband reminds me daily I have a big part in the family dynamics.

I have to search for joy. I know some ladies would love to be in my shoe. We always want the other side. I have worked for 15 years and now I am happy staying at home.

I have to remind myself I deserve joy.  Why? The Bible tells us we need to feel joy in our lives always no matter what you are going through in your life.

1 Thessalonians 16-18

Be joyful always; Pray continually;Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Jesus Christ. 

This is great reinsurance for me. I have found myself feeling not so alone. I talk to Jesus while vacuuming , folding clothes, or while cooking dinner. He is here to help me and I love spending time with Him. I have 8 hours before my teenage gets home so that time is becoming special to me.

I have this wonderful circumstance that came into my life. I am blessed to stay at home and take care of the needs here.

My husband is right – I am a big part of providing for my family.

God led me down this path for a reason.. to find joy in my life… 



Separating Laundry


The laundry – ugh – never ending piles of the unknown times my husband has worn his underwear. I will save the details because frankly – it grosses me out. I also always been afraid the dreaded red shirt or underwear will bleed on my favorite shirt. I don’t have many due to I rather spend money on taking my kids to the movies.

I have come to realize it is very important to pay attention when sorting. Nothing is worse than a pair of pants that shrink enough where it can be worn on an American Girl Doll. There is no reason she needs to look cool and hip with YOUR clothes!

I threaten my two boys ( one is 42 years old) to not touch anything! I cringe of the thought of ‘men washing’. AKA – just throw everything in there till the door won’t shut and hardly any soap. Ladies, you know exactly what I am talking about.

These times I have to go back to the Bible and think of Jesus. I think He is the only One that is able to wash those clothes any color any size..even those grass stains you just want to give up on.  Jesus loves everyone – He has not reason to separate people in groups. He accepts everyone no matter how dirty you are.

Does Jesus love everyone and interact with them despite their sinfulness?” then of course the answer is yes.

Jesus ate with and associated with “sinners and tax collectors”  Matt 9:11; 11:19

But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7


We have to put ourselves where we love each other whole-heartily. Do what you feel in your heart what Jesus would want you to do. Love each other no matter what type of person they are. Everyone has that soft spot inside them. We may not see it – but we know Jesus accepts that person as they are.

Even when your kids throw towels that are used only once.. remember to LOVE your kids….