To Be Loved.. And Never Give Up

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I want to share my testimony .. I sent this letter to my church – and I want to share with everyone. Never give up – God will show up..



“While you were in your mother’s womb, living and moving and developing. God, like a skilled craftsman, was sculpting you.. “

“God gave you certain personality with certain abilities that would express in a certain way in this world through working a job.”

From Limited Life – Derwin Gray

…God LOVES you .. and you are always will be loved by Him…

::To My Church::


I want to share this testimony with my River point family. Riverpoint have been praying for me and I have a wonderful report to share. I had major surgery last Sept. and I lost my job. They would not hold it. The doctor’s found a softball size cyst in my uterus and had to do an emergency hysterectomy. It was in a 2 week time period.

I was at my lowest – I lost my new job – had to have surgery – and I had no insurance. My now husband decided to move our wedding date up to Dec. 7. We got married but still struggled.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been looking for jobs but not really looking. I finally gave everything to God and knew he was going to put me where I belonged. I was about to give up.

Last Spring, I was in a facebook group. I saw this post from a lady that was asking about a bible study. I messaged her and invited her to attend. She didn’t know if she could because she had an infant. Luckily Riverpoint had child care. She attended and I ran over to introduce myself. She did not even go to Riverpoint. I just felt I had to get her there. Not only was she blessed by Tayna – we became good friends.

Well, last week – I received a FB message from my friend with a copy of a post on a facebook group asking about anyone being interested in working with a private school for a asst. teacher. I took a leap of faith and emailed her back – I left my contact info have NO idea what was going to come of it.. In the meanwhile – my friend was messaging the lady that posted on fb about me saying I would be perfect for the job. That evening I was talking to 2 middle men. My friend – the facebook lady – she was talking to the owner. ( I know – confusing) but long story short – all time I been praying for God to lead me where I was supposed to go. I had Riverpoint, KSBJ,, countless facebook groups, and friends praying for God to put me in my place where I could use my gifts.

Funny thing is – I have been getting rejection letters from other jobs.. over and over.. especially the last couple of weeks. Talk about discouraging.

I just now left the school. I was in tears and shaking – I was hired on the spot and actually filled out the paperwork. I am scheduled for Aug. 11th. I get all the teacher holidays off – spring break – weekends off – and a salary that opened up our budget that we were struggling to most with. I just need to attend 3 classes to be certified and learn CPR and First Aid.

My heart always wanted to teach – I never went to college – have no training – but here I am – where God has picked me up – and placed me to show all His glory. He made me with gifts and talents – and I am sitting here in tears and chills … praising and thanking him.  I get to work with Pre-Schooler’s teaching them … putting an impression on their tiny lives..

I really have no other words to say – but to bow my head down to the King .. and praise Him – telling Him… I love Him and I knew He had a plan for me. It just took a little longer than I wanted – about 15 years.


 Thank you Jesus – …

 My Life Vision:

In my Limitless Life Study – I had to write out a Vision Statement for my Life

“To be strong and faithful with a passion to love others while offering grace”

I am going to use my gifts and talents God gave me. He had handpicked me to place me in my life – He knew while I was in my mom’s womb where He wanted me.. I just had to wait long enough to see that come through.


Philippians 4:6

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.


100 Days of Happiness – Day One


I am starting a new project. ( I am always looking for creative outlets!) I have been seeing this around a lot. I think it is a cool idea!

I will post 100 days of pictures that make me happy. Simple. My online photo album of sorts.

Since I was a kid I keep journals. I think I have like 15 now. This is a great outlet for me. I talk to God in my journal too. I love writing letters to Him. Sometimes that is actually easier than speaking. I also write memories ( I seem to forget a lot) . It is a great way to go back and see how God has brought you through some nasty storms.

I hope you will see daily things that make you happy!


You are a Masterpiece



I am approaching this blog in a new way. I am going to try to do a Bible Verse Mapping. Basically, you write the verse you want and make it your own. You will personalize the way you want on how the verse is speaking to you. If you are a person that relates for to visible study – this is a great method.

I am going to map out Ephesians 2:10 – this verse is my memory verse in my Limitless Life study with Proverbs ( by the way – it is really fun and you learn a lot)

Ephesians 2:10

“For we are God’s masterpiece He has created us anew in Jesus Christ, so we can do all things He planned for us long ago.”

Do I feel like a masterpiece? Absolutely not – I mean – have you seen me in the morning??I mean really I am a mess! After a hot shower to wash away the sleepiness in my eyes and revive on coffee ( how many cups – you don’t want to know) Again, look in the mirror – I see wrinkles, grey hair and dark spots that Mary Kay couldn’t cover up. Yuck! We pile on a layer of makeup and here in Texas a ton of hairspray. While we are sitting in traffic, we mistakenly look into the rear view mirror. Wow, what was I thinking with that shade of lipstick?

crazy-stupid-ugly-clumsy-funny-dumb-god-loves-simple-bad-hair-day-thats-me-myself-depressed-ugly-tired (1)

Us women – we have to pluck, pinch, tuck and suck in to even touch the idea of a masterpiece. We question our husbands on our appearance but we get tired of the ‘you look fine, hunnyy’ while playing candy crush on the phone. We stomp away fuming. Our self-confidence is in the toilet. We sit on the edge of our bed with the lost hope of our beauty. Who can possibility think I am a masterpiece.

 We hang our head in shame – feeling worthless. But we feel a small pull in your heart. You hear a soft whisper in your ear. That voice is saying “Daughter, you are a masterpiece. For I have made you. I sent my only Son for you to start fresh. I have wonderful plans for you. You are NOT alone”.



In the verse I posted in the picture – You will see I changed the “WE” to “I am God’s Masterpiece” I belong to Him. He loves me the way I am. He doesn’t care about my appearance”.

God has seen you and known you since you were born. Since the minute you became a life. He has held you up and made that path of life for you. He has plans for you. You many not know what that is. I am famous for laying in my bed staring at the ceiling and asking GOD why? What am I suppose to do?

Let God mold your heart. Let Him rip those labels off. You are not a loser, you have a purpose. Let Me guide you. 

You are made like no one else on Earth. You are Gods special creation. He thinks you are the most awesome person EVER.

Let Him use that mess of yourself for the good. You will find your purpose. You will have that renew life. You will have God by your side.

Now, in the morning – jump up and run to the mirror and say – I AM A MASTERPIECE! and you will hear that small voice in your heart.

Yes, Daughter you are MY masterpiece. 

My prayer for you – is to know you are a piece of art in God’s eyes.




P31 OBS Blog Hop

God Heals Wounds – OUCH to HEALED

I did a new devoational for you! This is from my FB Women’s small group. Bedazzling Women of Christ. ( If you want to join – leave a comment)– such fun and great fellowship.

Add me on Facebook for a private invite –  Natasha Scott

This one is about God healing wounds.


Dwelling Makes Me Free


Several years I lived on my own for the first time. I was so lonely. I walked in from a 10 hour day to just flop on the couch and absently flip channels to have something fill the air in my small apartment. I didn’t have a dwelling house. I had space. I was afraid. I had a new label – divorce wife. I felt like a failure. How could I start over?

Now, I have a home full of people. I love coming home to a family that missed me and cherish my presences. This is now my dwelling place. My new label now is I am a new wife and step mother.  I feel accomplished and proud. I made it! I had God on my back the whole time. I look back and I see God slowly ripping that label off and slapping a new one on. He is BIG. He is capable! He is my God the o’mighty. God has come inside me – He is dwelling deep in my heart and soul. He made His new home for His spirit.

a building or place of shelter to live in; place of residence; abode; home.


Everything now I in my life fits in their place. The husband went to work, came home and the wife welcomes him with open arms. The children come home and fills your life with instant chaos.  These crazy and loving people belong here – in our dwelling place.  They are not strangers. They are the ones that fill your heart. These people are a team. You make everything happen together. This dwelling place you called home has become a of beacon of light.

God is building me inside a place for Him to dwell in.   He wants me to be filled up with a spiritual presence.  I don’t want to be an empty vessel – He doesn’t want me to be empty. He doesn’t want space – He wants you to work with Him to have that beautiful dwelling place. He wants you to have Him in your heart and soul. Like our family, we have a place in ourselves that is being built for a home. A space that is waiting to be filled.

Your heart is a home for God. He wants to become a team with you. When He is in your heart you are capable of achieving everything and anything. He will make you free.  The spirit of God with dwell in you. He will be home.

When I think of this, I think of an empty vessel. The spirit comes in a fills this vessel with so many gifts. God gives us peace, freedom, love, comfort, spiritual strength, wisdom. This vessel at the end will be overflowing. This gifts from God will never empty or run out. He dwells so deep within us that His love will be felt ever step in our life.

Psalm 16:11
American Standard Version (ASV)
11 Thou wilt show me the path of life: In thy presence is fullness of joy; In thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

Will you let yourself have God come dwell in your heart and soul? I am daily reminding me how much God loves me and how far it reaches. How much He wants to use me for Him to live inside me. Maybe this is my struggle. I pray that I feel that love and yearning. Don’t let the voices tell you are not good enough or not worth anything. Open up – let Him in – Let Him use you to show His spirit shine out like that beacon so you and other’s can see that love God has for you!

My testimony is I am free due to love myself knowing that I have God dwelling inside my heart. I no longer feel like a don’t belong here – God has brought be through with His plan. I am excited to see where He leads me now.


Won’t you be my Neighbor?


Psalm 55:14

What good fellowship we once enjoyed
as we walked together to the house of God

When I think of community – Mr. Rogers pops in my head. I remember him coming through the door – change is outdoor sweater     to his hang out sweater. ( never understood why?) Next thing you know, you are whisk away to a kingdom of puppets. During these travels to the make-believe land we are seeing these puppets encounter some drastic problems. – well, as a kid they are drastic –

While I read this subject of blogging about community now it clicked. Mr. Rogers had a community set up. Think about it, these ‘characters’ would encounter dilemmas and the whole community would gather together to help out with the problem. Mr. Rogers wants to have a friend to help him along. He always invited his friends ( you ) to hope on that cool trolley and take a trip to make-believe land.

Isn’t that what it is all about? Helping each other out. God created us to have relationships. We are connected by the love and understanding of Jesus. He did not want us to be alone. When we are alone that’s when the enemy comes in and starts telling you lies. Like – “you are not good enough! No one wants to help you? Are you serious, you don’t have the ability to be out in the community!”

I went though this phase once before. It is hard to shake those feelings. Once you go out your comfort zone and see the works of a community ( in church, neighborhoods,family,studies) you see more blessings.

We have web connecting each other through the the love of that Power of connections. Once we have prayed to God, He will open your eyes to you will see that we are capable of holding ourselves up along with others. We all have burdens that weigh us down. God tells us to help each other with burdens. To carry each other during those hard times. Become a community – hold each other up – pray for each other cry on each other love God with all our hearts combined.

We as a Christian community can out stand anything the world throws out. Remember, you are worth so much – not for yourself but for others.



Mr. Rogers Theme Song – you can not make it sound more perfect for a community.

It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, 
A beautiful day for a neighbor, 
Would you be mine? 
Could you be mine? 

It’s a neighborly day in this beautywood, 
A neighborly day for a beauty, 
Would you be mine? 
Could you be mine? 

I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like you, 
I’ve always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you. 

So let’s make the most of this beautiful day, 
Since we’re together, we might as well say, 
Would you be mine? 
Could you be mine? 
Won’t you be my neighbor? 

Won’t you please, 
Won’t you please, 
Please won’t you be my neighbor? 


P31 OBS Blog Hop

This blog is connected to my first blog hop with the first Bible study with the P31 Ministries. I am excited to see what I learn as I Christian woman! Thanks for reading my blog!!