You are a Masterpiece



I am approaching this blog in a new way. I am going to try to do a Bible Verse Mapping. Basically, you write the verse you want and make it your own. You will personalize the way you want on how the verse is speaking to you. If you are a person that relates for to visible study – this is a great method.

I am going to map out Ephesians 2:10 – this verse is my memory verse in my Limitless Life study with Proverbs ( by the way – it is really fun and you learn a lot)

Ephesians 2:10

“For we are God’s masterpiece He has created us anew in Jesus Christ, so we can do all things He planned for us long ago.”

Do I feel like a masterpiece? Absolutely not – I mean – have you seen me in the morning??I mean really I am a mess! After a hot shower to wash away the sleepiness in my eyes and revive on coffee ( how many cups – you don’t want to know) Again, look in the mirror – I see wrinkles, grey hair and dark spots that Mary Kay couldn’t cover up. Yuck! We pile on a layer of makeup and here in Texas a ton of hairspray. While we are sitting in traffic, we mistakenly look into the rear view mirror. Wow, what was I thinking with that shade of lipstick?

crazy-stupid-ugly-clumsy-funny-dumb-god-loves-simple-bad-hair-day-thats-me-myself-depressed-ugly-tired (1)

Us women – we have to pluck, pinch, tuck and suck in to even touch the idea of a masterpiece. We question our husbands on our appearance but we get tired of the ‘you look fine, hunnyy’ while playing candy crush on the phone. We stomp away fuming. Our self-confidence is in the toilet. We sit on the edge of our bed with the lost hope of our beauty. Who can possibility think I am a masterpiece.

 We hang our head in shame – feeling worthless. But we feel a small pull in your heart. You hear a soft whisper in your ear. That voice is saying “Daughter, you are a masterpiece. For I have made you. I sent my only Son for you to start fresh. I have wonderful plans for you. You are NOT alone”.



In the verse I posted in the picture – You will see I changed the “WE” to “I am God’s Masterpiece” I belong to Him. He loves me the way I am. He doesn’t care about my appearance”.

God has seen you and known you since you were born. Since the minute you became a life. He has held you up and made that path of life for you. He has plans for you. You many not know what that is. I am famous for laying in my bed staring at the ceiling and asking GOD why? What am I suppose to do?

Let God mold your heart. Let Him rip those labels off. You are not a loser, you have a purpose. Let Me guide you. 

You are made like no one else on Earth. You are Gods special creation. He thinks you are the most awesome person EVER.

Let Him use that mess of yourself for the good. You will find your purpose. You will have that renew life. You will have God by your side.

Now, in the morning – jump up and run to the mirror and say – I AM A MASTERPIECE! and you will hear that small voice in your heart.

Yes, Daughter you are MY masterpiece. 

My prayer for you – is to know you are a piece of art in God’s eyes.




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23 thoughts on “You are a Masterpiece

  1. Great take on a masterpiece…we often look our outer self but God looks at the heart. You are indeed a masterpiece. Thanks for sharing your approach to verse mapping. I will give it a try as well now.

  2. I love your descriptions! I’ve been in almost all of them. You are right, as women we tend to find our beauty in what other people think of us. I have spent too much of my life worried about what other people think. I am finally learning that there is only one opinion that matters and that is my God who loves me faithfully. Thank you for sharing, I always need a reminder that I am God’s masterpiece! God bless you!

    • We need to stop thinking of that about ourselves. It is bad enough we find faults in ourselves. Even through the days we forget to shower because the kids are trying to test your patience! HANG IN THERE! He also doesn’t care how we smell!

  3. I LOVE verse mapping!! You did a great job! It is so refreshing to know I am God’s masterpiece. He loves me the way I am. I see myself being more confident knowing that truth instead of worrying what the world thinks. Love reading your blog! You are a blessing and a masterpiece!!

    • Thank you Jennifer. I wasn’t sure it would all fit on a index card. I am using notebook paper next time. You go girl!!! Keep thinking that of yourself! We are all there.. in His eyes!

  4. I love your perspective! I too often forget that no matter what I look like, no matter where I’ve been, no matter what I’ve done, He STILL calls me his masterpiece! Thank you for sharing!

    • I know right? Women need to know how God sees us. We already expect what our husbands would say. They seen us at our worse. I mean really, my husband was there when I had major surgery for a hysterectomy . He had to deal with a very ugly woman and her battle wounds. It is amazing how we can have such a great Power the loves us more than that. Thanks for the comment. I will go visit yours~!

  5. I loved your blog! I laughed out loud and shook my head yes as I read all your descriptions of your morning and looking in the mirror in the car! I Am a Gods Special Creation! I did stand n the mirror the other morning and said over and over, “you are God’s Masterpiece”! I just need to believe it!

    • oh yup – I was just re-living a typical morning.. how can my husband say I look fine. really?? And morning breathe.. okay – I just grossed myself out now. lol.
      I am happy you enjoyed my blog… and YOU ARE!!

  6. What a fun blog post!! And boy, oh boy, can most women relate to this!! I wonder just how many thoughts rush our head from the moment we realize we’re awake to the moment we look in that mirror!! You are God’s masterpiece complete with a style made just for you!! Blessings to you Natasha and thanks for giggles!!

    Trish (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team)

    • Oh your welcome Trish! I was giggling too when I was writing it. I was just realizing I was a mess in the morning.. Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again my friend.

  7. I so needed this tonight, Natasha! Thank you. I have gained so much weight the last few years and I dread looking in the mirror every morning. What a wonderful way to start the day by ignoring that mean voice in my head and instead claiming “I AM A MASTERPIECE!” I’m going to try that in the morning. I also love your verse mapping! I have really been wanting to try it, maybe with next week’s verse :).

    • Candace – I look at your picture and already wonder how you can’t think that already. I love your hair! This gives us a great opportunity to understand women are all on the same level. We need to remember how valuable we are. Thank you for stopping by and the comment.

  8. And to think that when we run in, to hide in the toilet, He follows us.
    How we like to be as another but honestly, we couldn’t have been made any better. Most importantly, God does not make mistakes…not while He made us.

    Thanks Natasha.
    God bless you.

  9. I almost laughed out loud at your description of morning–just because I can so relate!! Isn’t it funny how hard we are on ourselves. We say things to ourselves that we wouldn’t say to anyone else! But, when we remember who we are as God’s children, it becomes clearer that we are truly beautiful. You are so wonderful to share this so openly and bravely. What a standard to look to! Have a wonderful day!

    • Thank you for the comment!! I was just closing my eyes and visioning how it goes. Especially the lip stick color.. that is GREAT. I think it is wonderful to know I am adopted into a family with God’s love. That is some awesome news!

  10. Natasha,
    Thank you for posting such an encouraging and uplifting post! I laughed at the visual you created. It could be me! And, the doubting the masterpiece is, unfortunately, one many of us struggle with. Thank you for pointing out that being God’s masterpiece doesn’t equate to being perfect. Quite the opposite!!!

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