Pillow Stacks.

a4183cb90e46056e426ad7a93d659412How many times a day does your husband make you grit your teeth. I think officially estimated – who am I kidding, I lose count.

I know he tries hard everyday. I am not the easiest to live with. I have major flaws. Sometimes, I think I really don’t deserve this man.

How can I think of the wrong way he throws the pillows on the bed? I mean really – stop making towers with the decor pillows.

We are the 2 pieces of the puzzle that fit together. We compliment each other. However, sometimes I wonder why he says the things he says – or the way he says it. Doesn’t he know that comment stung my heart?

I think half the problem is not him – but me. I am learning to step back and bite my tongue and just smile. The task o – the dreaded task of the biting technique.

I made a promise in my vows – better or worse. How it seems we have worse more times than others? We are so consumed with the problems we have – we need to break that bubble – look around and realize we are not the only one with struggles.

“Be Completely Humble And Gentle; Be Patient, Bearing With One Another In Love. Make Every Effort To Keep The Unity Of The Spirit Through The Bond Of Peace.” – Ephesians 4:2-3

I have to remember to step back and remember his love language. He strives for compliments and gratitude to be admired – to feel accepted . We have a spirit and the gift of Jesus giving us peace. To cover everything negative – Because the enemy is there to destroy it. ( I am a witness to this fact. )


 I have to accept him and give him grace. Daily – we have the gift to be the best person we can be. It is hard to turn around and be in his shoes. I think that is important. How would that comment affect me?  “Boy, that comment really sucked.”

 “Above All, Love Each Other Deeply, Because Love Covers Over A Multitude Of Sins.” – 1 Peter 4:8

The Bible verse speaks volumes. Our love is so strong – it overs all the bad in our lives. Love is the number one weapon. I need to remind myself to love and respect and honor my husband like I do God. To be able to give him the gift of support and my heart.

I need to learn grace even in my marriage. The gift to of forgiving daily. To let go of the bed moments in the day. Kiss him goodnight and wake up thinking I am the luckiest woman on earth. I am blessed.


I must have Jesus in the middle of our marriage. I know we will come to the time we want to give up. We have learned we have an umbrella effect in our marriage. God is the top of the umbrella covering us with love and support. Next is the husband being the provider – and wife being the roots that hold everything down.

I said in the beginning in this post – we are 2 pieces in the puzzle. Boy, was I wrong about that . I just had to stop and rethink that idea There are 3 puzzle pieces and glue – Jesus and God.

“Therefore What God Has Joined Together, Let No One Separate.” – Mark 10:9



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