Simple but Victorious


Simple : A simple word – a life we would all love to live daily.  However, life makes it not so simple.

Simple definition:  not hard to do : not difficult:free from Pain

My life sure hasn’t been simple the last two years… let me give you a low-down.

1.)New Relationship
2.)Moved to a new town
3.) New Job
4.) Left Job
5.) New Job
6.) Major Surgery
7.) Lost job
8.) Have about over 10 K in bills

The most difficult thing I have realize – life is NOT simple by any means. I am sure everyone else has roller coasters in their everyday life. We see each other through a two-way mirror – we think the other is having the perfect marriage, home and children.

How do you become victorious. I sure haven’t felt any victory in my life in the last year and half. I felt like I have fallen on my face with a thud. I thought I actually saw stars. I would lay in bed daily looking at the ceiling asking God – why me? Why do you let me go through all these struggles?

I forgot to state the best thing that happen last year – I became remarried to a man who has supported me through these times of not so simple life.

Through this I promised God 2014 IS going to be different. I finally let go of all the guilt and heaviness I have carried all last year. I am becoming to realize the more I let go – the lighter I feel – I am free – I am refreshed.

God has made me Victorious.

I am humbled everyday about how much He has carried me through. I became attached to this Bible verse. I cling on it – read it daily – and it changed my life.

Philippians 4:6″ Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

Wow – I read this and think – I am the most impatient person I know . I worry about everything and if I see that chance to escape I just jump into it and bypass God and His will.

At the end – I fail and I am far from Victorious.

How can I make it so simple – it is easy – trust in God. Let Him work in His time. During my darkest moments, I will be honest, I blamed God for all the mud I was being drag through. I am still bad about trying to take control of the right here, right now. I want it now, like a two-year old wants that ice cream.

Since, I am learning to make my life simple, I am finding my life more simple. I am so blessed to feel God’s grace everyday. He was always there – I was just being prideful.

If you feel like life is giving you a headache daily, every minute, every second. Take a breathe and pray to God for Him to step in the moment and help Him make your life simple.

Your life will feel VICTORIOUS! 



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