Hey you – where you been?


I forgot I had this – I was lucky to find it.

Well, I am going back to blogging. I am staying at home (which is a full time job) taking care of my boys and kids. I am making a home.. so I am a home-maker. I am not a house wife because I didn’t marry the house. I think I would remember kissing the front door on my wedding day.

I am going to pour feelings out – hopefully inspiring ones. I guess you can say – it’s going to be an open journal. I know there are TONS of blogs out. This is for me – but I would love to share with my friends. I am going through some transitions in my life – I am 2 years older from my last post. I guess you can say I changed a little or a lot – depending how you see it.

So, welcome my friends , new and old…

May you be blessed and loved

OUT with the OLD and IN with the NEW!



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