What consist of a Family

If the family were a fruit, it would be an orange, a circle of sections, held together but separable – each segment distinct.  ~Letty Cottin Pogrebin

What consist of a family? Is it the traditional mom, dad and kids. Friends you have known your whole life? It is easy to define for some people. Other’s have a hard time with the concept.

For me – family is my first priority. I had a family I adored. We were a complete unit. But, as life does – it throws a curve ball and you lose something you took for granted everyday. The simple things like your love one coming home to work – and you being excited about it. Cooking dinner and eating around the table talking about your day. Helping the kids with homework and kissing them every night as they vanish to dream land. And cuddling up with your love one for at peaceful night of sleep.

My parents are going on 35 – 36 years of marriage. I grew up with a wonderful family unit. My parents always did the best for me and my siblings. I grew up with that instilled in my soul. That is what I want. I have been on my own going on 7 months on my own. Supporting myself I am beyond proud of myself and I know I can make it in this crazy world. But I am missing that important part of my life.


I just turned 34 yesterday. Yes, I thought I would be in a different area in my life 10 years ago. I never thought I would be divorce and not see my kids but a few times a week. Yes, this kills me. I have found out that I have the love – and I really have nowhere to aim it until now.

God has a funny way of working your life out. He has taught me a lot the last year and a half. I am a stronger person that I ever thought I could be.

I am not in a hurry to get married or engage – but it is something I do want in time when time is right.

I spent a week at my boyfriend’s house. I forgot how important family was. I cooked, cleaned and made sure the kids were happy and not ripping each other’s head off. My daughter helped me cook dinner – and the boys did the dishes.

I felt like I had a purpose again. I miss being a mom. I miss having someone to share life with. The cuddle and watch tv ( even the men shows). The best thing is getting in a soft blanket and tucking my toes under the man I love as he wraps his arms around me.

We are going over some mountains now. We are getting our gears where they fit and work in tune. We talked and we are both ready for the next step next year. I am determined to get through this year just to build the confidence of surviving on my own.

I think what is the best part of this blog – is the man I love wants the exact same thing. He is the most caring loving man I know. He is a good worker. He needs help and encouragement as I do to. We make a good team. No, we make a good team.

Our hearts are the same – together we are whole. It just amazes me how we feel like we are made for each other.

We both want what are parents had – a complete life and to grow old with each other. And I can’t wait till the day … and where do my kids fit in.. they are the missing puzzle piece.  I want to provide them with mommy having a great happy life. To have an older brother to look out for them. Mommy is going to do the best for them to have what my family had.

Movie nights and pizzas – big birthday parties – family trips.. family to me is a unit that has unconditional love…


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