The Wounds Will Heal

The Wounds Will Heal

We are made to love. To have the ability to have someone in your life to build you up, make you feel like you are the only person in this world, give you encouraging words, make you be the best person you are meant to be.

Sometimes life doesn’t work out that way. We get attach to people that break us down… bring out the worst. The lies spill out on top of someone’s heart. The problem is that person starts believeing the lies and negative words that hit left and right. Our hearts turn black and that person shuts down. Where the problem lie is we carry this pain to the next part of our life. We find our selves holding back from something that might be the best thing in your life.

How long should we hold on to the past until we completely let go.. and be completely free and open to the fact you are letting go of the control of trying to prevent from getting hurt.

As people, we carry a lot of burdens on ourselves. We bury it deep within our souls. We bury it so deep we actually forget the pain we carry day to day. It is sometimes a daily battle to struggle with our inner self.

How do we overcome such abuse you may of endured. Well, first thing is time. You need time to overshadow the wounds we have. Time lets the wounds heal.

Another is Love. Love is the best weapon in defense to pain. First you have to learn to love yourself. This is the hardest task as human beings. We all want acceptance from other people. It is hard to look in the mirror at ourselves and see the beauty that has been beaten down so far that we forget what we are.

It is okay to breakdown. But we need to learn to build ourselves up. You need support from other love ones. Words are the best medicine to heal what we have learned to believe what other people have told us over and over. You need to break down those walls and find that place to let the light in. This will take courage. You will have to let go of some of the control you try to keep of yourself.

One day, you will be completely free from all the pain that is hidden. You will learn those wounds will turn to scars and finally fade away.

Trust in yourself and you will be the person God meant you to be.


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