Reasons I love my CAS


  1. Good Morning Encouraging text to start my day.
  2. First to say I love you when we hang up on the phone.
  3. Happy I check in with him daily. He wants to know I arrived late to work – and have lunch time check ins.
  4. His willing to work as a team. He wants us to have a complete life were we are both supporting each other in life.
  5. He supports me and my medical condition – he is attending with me to the doctor to see how I can get more help. He supports my progress in my condition.
  6. He has a plan for us. He lets me make a lot of decisions to better myself instead of telling me what I need to do.
  7. He is very protective of me.
  8. He is the most easy going man. He loves to have fun and wants us to be involved in activities.
  9. How much he loves his son – and how much he tells me I need to be part of his sons life as a great mother figure.
  10. He wants to do silly things with me –
  11. He is willing to go take couple pictures.
  12. He has a picture of me next to his bed. He says he likes seeing me before and after he gets out of bed.
  13. He has a picture of me in his truck to see me when he is on the road.
  14. He has the best postive attitude towards life.
  15. It doesn’t matter what time  I need to get a hold of him – he is always willing to help me when I call crying from a break down. He always finds way to calm me down and pick myself up.
  16. He makes me feel like a better person.
  17. I feel like I am needed.
  18. I found his tickle spot and I love to torture him and make him laugh so hard.
  19. He is completely comfortable with me.
  20. His hugs
  21. His looks in my eyes for no reason.
  22. When we watch tv he caresses my face and plays with my hair.
  23. We are always showing affection in public.
  24. He loves holding my hand.
  25. He loves giving me kisses in public.
  26. He loves my family and it is important to him they like him because he is part of my life and will be a long time.
  27. How he interacts with my kids.
  28. Wants a family as much as I want one.
  29. When I see his face light up when I bite my teeth and do stuff with him – that is not up my ally. Like hunting shows and going hunting. I am willing to see the love and affection from him by doing it with him. Makes it worth it.
  30. His scent when I nuzzle in his neck.
  31. The goodnight kisses and first morning kisses.
  32. Seeing him survive as a full time daddy and working a full time job. He is doing such a great job handling everything.
  33. Admitting he can’t do everything himself. He is afraid of failure with his son – and wants me to be part of it to help him out to where we are the best for each other.
  34. He wears his heart of his sleeve.
  35. He is an open book and tells me what is on his heart and mind all the time.
  36. Always wondering what I am thinking.
  37. Has a great heart.
  38. A great daddy.
  39. A hard worker.
  40. Takes the day by the horns.. seizes the day!
  41. Everyday – he tells me he is proud of me.
  42. He thinks with my condition – I am doing an excellent job at my job. As stressful it is.. he is impress with all the challenges I deal with.
  43. How he wants to have a home with a family – forever – we me.

These are just a few reason.. you can say I am a lucky girl!


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