Kindness – Get Your Fill

Stairway to Heaven


Life will end for us here on Earth. I know that is a morbid way to start a blog. Recently, Scott lost his Grandma. I know he cherished her because of the way he talked about her. I know it has been tough on him and especially his son , since he hasn’t gone through death. Scott lost both his parents and has experience saying Good Bye to love ones.

Unfortutaly I could not be there to comfort him during the trying times of the funeral. This kills me because I wanted to be there to hold his hand and let him lean on me while the tears of sadness rolled down.  I know he said his last good byes.

This got me thinking of who has died in my life. We need to take for granted everyday of the people we love. Because we never know when God will take them home. It is hard to say bye to the earthly person we knew.

We have to remember they are forever living with our Father and will never grow old or feel pain again. They are in this place we can only dream of. A place where streets are painted gold and the flowers have such brilliant colors – we don’t even have a name for them here on Earth. This place has the voices of angels continuing to sing to the Glory of God. We know all our love ones are waiting for us.

Our lives are so precious. Love is such the wheel that keeps us moving every day. If we don’t have the kindness and loyatily in our hearts – how can we fullfill God’s purpose in our hearts.

God gives us talents while we are on our earthly home. We have to use to ulitlize them… to make it to where we show love through our talents.

I try to inspire people. If it is being repectful or just telling a stranger I care – I know if I try my best to put my heart out to people – who knows – this could change a persons life.

I am no where perfect – you are not perfect – but that smile you have – that heart you can open – the gratitude of thankfulness can make us feel whole.

I am changing every day to be that better person. I have been on a transformation the last year. I have learned how to cope with situations that I would run from before.

Life is short – we want to live it the fullest – not hold back – keep our heads up and feet planted on the ground. Remember God loves you more than you ever know – show that love to other people – and you will be blessed.

When we die – we will see the love ones we never forgot – it will be a beautiful reunion. They will tell us – you know that person you smiled at – I saw that and it made me proud.

Our love ones are looking down upon us daily – if not beside us – don’t feel lonely or depress. It is important to know – they never leave us – we do have angels among us. And yes, it can be Grandma or Nana or Mama… Grandpa.. our parents .. we can just close our eyes.. and feel the warmth from there hearts fill us up…



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