Wanting the Seed to Grow


We all want to feel wanted in our lives. From when we are a baby – we are showered with our parents love… and that seed is planted deep in our hearts and souls. One day, we will meet that person to open up that seed and let it blossom.

It is hard finding the right soil to plant that seed in to make it grow. We may plant the seed of love in someone – but that seed might first start out strong than for different reason – wither down. We are left feeling hopeless, alone and like a failure. We ask ourselves why should be try again.

I think God gave me a packet of seeds to let grow. I have learned that some of those seeds did become weeds. Like weeds, we need to pick them out our lives to make room for the potential of that beautiful flower you know will grow. Over and over – we plant and pray we find that lucky one that will take that seed and place it in his heart.


I have found a heart that is full of room for a beautiful garden. Just over the last 5 months – we have blossomed into a small rose bud. I know it will continue to grow through the years. When I look at what is planted – I feel secure and safe knowing that those loving hands will take care of our fragile seed. The hands will protect it, the heart will show it love, the soul will nourish it through rough times. Image

I am about 100 percent sure deep in my heart – we have found each other because God brought us together. Through our lives – I think God gave us signs. I believe in signs – because when we do find that person we can look back and see God pricking toothpick holes through our lives so we would know at the time. Well, those toothpick holes have busted open and now a rainbow is pouring out.

I can make a list of signs in both our lives –

1. His first love lived in Pasadena when he was a teenager – I grew up in Pasadena.

2. He worked at Astroworld when he was in high school – I basically lived at Astroworld ( but he is 8 years older than me – but who knows .. he might of seen me)

3. His ex’s mom is named Pam.. well, my mom is named Pam. I thought that was weird. 

4. His last name is Scott – my ex’s mother’s madian name is Scott.

5. Our marriages fell apart for similar reasons – his ex wife has bipolar – so he knows the worse of it – and we know the worse that can happen. 

6. We both grew up loving the oldie country music.. and when I hear it with him – it takes me back to when I was in high school dating the hot cowboy!

7. My mom and him graduated from the same high school – granted – it was a few years apart – but it’s a school in Houston – 

8. We both believe in fate .. and we are both hopeless romantics – we were just with the wrong people before that didn’t understand how to be romantic. 

9. We both grew up in the city – but I know we always wanted to be part of the country too. 

We both grew up basically passing each other up. I know there are other reasons.. I just can’t think of them at this moment. 

All these signs are the fertilizer that started the growth of our seed. But what is different with Scott – he has a handful of seeds too. He has handed me a couple at a time to see how I would treat them. Well, know he has given me enough to start a beautiful rose garden – I have faith that God will bring the sunshine and rain to make it blow up with color. There are thorn on the roses – but I know we can conquer these thorns.. over and over.


One thing he does is thinks outside of the box – he is always looking of new reasons to show his heart.. and today after he left I found this in my kitchen.


 He is my strength, my best friend, my hugest supporter.. and a great person..

I am happy to see how things will end up – let’s just say.. we have this tiny flower garden – we have planted all we  have – Given in one last shot – but faithfully – we have in each other so much protection and feeling secure – that one day we will look back and see what we have grown.


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