Lipstick love notes

Love notes of  Lipstick

Little love notes are important in a relationship. Now guys can freak out because you messed up the mirror.. girls might freak out because they just wasted their favorite lipstick to write a note. But I am cheesy and always thinks outside the box. I have such creative ways to show someone I care. I want to keep things fresh and new. This new journey is something out the ordinary for both of us. It is almost over whelming. We are not use to the feeling of pure unconditional  love.. at times.. I am sure we both wonder is this is for real.. or this  has to be too good to be true. Everyone has those thoughts. Over time – you grow in faith in that other person.. and one day it hits you – bam – boy I am living my dream. I have the best person God has placed in my life. You learn not to take granted of this wonderful gift.

All my life – I had this dream man I wanted. Someone that was open to me. That loved romance as I did. It was something everyone told me I would never find. I had a touch of it in my marriage. My ex and I were best friends.. but we know now we were missing the key part of passion and understanding what the other needed. Over time – everything fizzled out and we were left with a skeleton of a perfect  marriage. From the outside we looked perfect.. but I know over time – we ended up losing ourselves..I lost my ablitly to do anything for myself. I would have anixety about just calling to pay a bill. We knew what the best choice was to let myself go and let me find myself. I had to decide what was best for my family and kids. I had to be happy. I wanted my kids to see me happy.

I had a freind keep telling me I lived in a dream world. Yes, I did. I knew what I wanted in life. I have always had an idea that money wasn’t the reason to be in a relationship. I didn’t care if I was struggling. As long as I found that person that supported me the whole way through and understood me.. I knew I had met my match.

Sometimes we need to stop and think how can I better myself. First is to find your self confidence again. You have to love yourself before you love anyone else.

I made my game plan – I am happy to say I am succeeding in the plan I made to move forward. Now, I am supporting myself. But there was a piece missing. I needed compaionship. I needed support and  most of all love. I have never been afraid to fall in love – because I know how much it hurts for it to not go the way you want it to. But I always jumped in feet first. You have to take that chance in life.

I think God finally gave me someone that I needed to complete my transformation to become me. What I have is special. I am blessed to know I do get the kind words daily.. hours and hours of surprises and sweet words. I never knew a man could have a heart like the person I have now.

I promise to keep the magic alive. To show my complete heart to this person. And I am not afraid he won’t do the same. He is just like me.. someone searching for his complete family. We are at a standstill now due to the distance. But we use all our will power to see each other often and spend that time like it is the last time we would see each other.

Everyone deserves to be happy .. to know love.. to feel cherish.. to feel like there is one person on this earth…that one special person .. and to know you will live happily ever after. If Scott could type right now or comment on the blog – I am sure he would have more to add to this blog. Just know I am very taken cared of.. I feel amazily happy..

We are headed to a place we both want to be ..

We will end up running away together – and that road map we will use .. is our life path.

We will learn so much together…

but most of all ..

Learn what true love is really about.


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