Amazed by Life Right Now

We live for weekends, right? Some people have different reasons they look forward to them. I have two main reasons I look forward to them…. My kids and spending time with my new family Scott and his son. Honestly, my weeks are so busy with work – I focus on my job all during the week. I give my all at work. And I do have some good outcomes because of my work ethics. I recently got recongized for having perfect customer WOW scores. This is a survery our marketing department does. We do get an added bonus for good WOW scores. So far, I have had 6 shops with all 5 stars. I also got a key chain and 10 dollar gift card to Chilies. I know this job is a stepping stone for something… I won’t be here forever. I am looking into tranferring when my lease is up in my apartment. Scott and I do have plans in set for our future.

My prize from my district manager.

We will be working on our 5th month together. And it has been a whirlwind of romance. Every time we are together – we get more connected and fall more in love. He is everything I wanted in a man. The kisses for no reason – telling me I am beautiful out of the blue. The caresses on the face.. and holding my hand where ever we go. I have always seen couples so connected.. seen the actually hearts floating around these couples. I was always like.. why can’t I have that.  Don’t get me wrong – I loved my ex husband very dearly. But we both agreed that we did the best because we were not happy in our marriage and it was best to break it off. Yes, it has been a year since my divorce. But I have learned so much about myself in the last year. My weaknesses and stregths. My goals are going where I want to be going. I see that light at the end of the tunnel. This time it is different.

We do have those hearts over us

The timing of Scott’s and I’s relationship couldn’t be better. He does live about 45 minutes away. We have to squeeze that special time together when we can. We have no issues with our kids with each other.. He is very stern about me staying in my apartment till my lease is up. He wants me to have to sense of independence. He wants me to learn to support myself in life. To pay my bills on my own. To be motivated in myself in my life.

He wants my self confidence to grow in myself. He came in my life when I was in the lowest part. I found myself not having an direction in my life. It isn’t the man that changed it. It was the man that open my eyes of myself showing how great I am and can be. His wisdom keeps me sane. His love keeps me full. His actions make me feel like I am the only girl in the world. His first goal is making sure I am safe and happy.  He told me today that there is a reason we are going down this path. A reason for us to be far apart.. we cherish each other more when we are together.

I find myself being different with him. I do things for him that I actually haven’t done even in my marriage. I put a lot of stuff on the back burner in my marriage. Cooking is one of them and house work and being that supportive person I should of been. I learned a lot from my last marriage. Now, I know my disease of bipolar had the huge claws in our marriage that made me not motivated to do anything. Now, I love cooking big breakfast in the mornigs. I am not even a morning person. I clean the apartment before he comes over because I want him to have the sense of peace as a home when he stays here. I do anything for him when he is here. And what is different about him – he sees it – he thanks me for my work – he appreciated it. We find ourselves having the puzzle pieces fit together. I can’t wait to see the person I am capable of doing in my future. I am still young and I am at the stage of my life where I can make it the way I always wanted. I am so happy to know my kids will always love me and support me. This whole relationship with Scott is going to change my kids life for the better too. We can provide so much for my kids as a team. I know one day we will become a family. Scott is at the stage of his life where he wants to have that special person with him all the time. I am excited to see where our lives go.. I just know it will be a beautiful journey.

Things will fall into place. He says I am the one.. that the last couple of weekends he has fallen even more in love with me. I have found myself still getting butterflies before I see him. I get goosebumps when I hug him. He steals my breathe when I smell his crease of his neck. Everything he does for me.. is to make me feel good about myself. He has such a given spirit. He understands all my handicaps and my past. He still sees my heart..

Life is wonderful now. I am so happy and content in my routine. I am blessed to have family issues finally straighten out.  I do have an idea that God brought Scott as a bridge in my life. He has made me cross a lot paths that I was scared of crossing.  God’s timings is perfect – and God is in control of everything. I thank God for showing me a man that has the heart of God..


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