Our Teenage Dream Weekend

Our dream of romance had come true for both of this weekend and we moved to the next level in relationship.

This trip will forever treasured for us.  

Seeing the sunset was amazing

Scott and I decided for us to take a Saturday off for me since I hadn’t had one since Feb. Since I started talking to scott, one of the things he always told me was he always wanted to take a girl to the beach, watch the sunset, have someone he loves with him that would appreciate the simple things in life.  Again, God came through and made it perfect. When we left his house that morning we were stuck in thunderstorms till be got more south. The sun did start to pop out once we hit the island. There was a nice breeze from the ocean making it very comfortable.

Scott went to several hotels to find a place for our special day. We striked out twice while looking for one. We came across a brand new hotel that open…Country Suites. When I walked in it was amazing. It was so homey with a fire-place, lounge area and nice dining room. It was like walking into a home. We got blessed by getting a room on the top floor facing the ocean and we could see the pier with all the rides on it. It reminded me of Coney Island. You could hear laughing and screaming.. people having a blast. We went into the room to dump our things down than we were off to walk to seawall to see where it would bring us too.

his smile priceless

We came across a sea-shore store. We walked inside and there was a sense of yep.. we are near the ocean. The place was oozing with sea stuff, shells, cheesy tourist shirts and cute girlie summer hats. We walked through than came to where you could cross over to the other store. But we were caught surprised that there was a bar between them and an amazing sitting area where you could lounge in chairs and watch the ocean. The beer tracking system Scott has brought him to an ice cooler with beer. We grabbed a few and just sat and talked laughed and just was in awe of the feeling of this is where we need to be at this point of time. The gleam on his face was growing by the second. His smile kept growing. He keep telling me over and over how happy he was and how amazing it was to have me with him doing this.

Chilling with hand in hand – and a beer in another.

We sat there for an hour and decided to walk back up the beach to see what else there was. We came across a hole in the wall bar called the Poop Deck.

Best Bar

What was cool about this place.. you can look out to the ocean and wave at all the people walking by. We parked on the ledge under a straw umbrella. We grabbed a few beers and started to drink and talk some more. Next thing we know we are downing tequila shots. We felt like we were on spring break. We were laughing so hard.. What was the most amazing thing is Scott keep saying how happy he was. He pointed to a cloud and said – “see that cloud up there – that is where I am at now.” Over and over he kept telling me he always wanted a girl to do this with. He kept telling me how amazing I was.. how beautiful I was…and we both started getting very emotional and thankfully the sunglasses we were wearing hide the streaming tears from both of us. He had touch every part of my  heart that I thought was never there.

Tequila Shots!

After talking to the locals for a while.. and had another shot of whisky – we decided we could eat the wood off the ledge. We did not want to leave this spot.. but our stomachs had different plans. We asked the bartender a good local place to eat off the beaten path. She told us to go to Shrimp and Stuff. So we hopped in the truck and went on a search for it. We didn’t think we would have found it.. but when we did.. we were like WOW..

A gem of a seafood place

We ordered a seafood platter and extra coconut shrimp. Now, either we were really hunger or the food was excellent.. but we devoured the food  in 10 minutes. During that time we were waiting.. Scott reached over to kiss me. An old lady was like “no mooching” we looked at her .. and she laughed.. She said it is sweet seeing people in love.

My man is not afraid to kiss me in public

After dinner – we wanted to hang out at the poop deck again for a night-cap. We actually just went to sit and watch the sun go down. The breeze was amazing. I would look at Scott and think.. this is all I ever wanted in a man. Someone that tells me what is in his heart at that moment.. and is not afraid to say it. He is not afraid to caress my face or tell me I am his love of his life. He has such an amazing heart.

After we hung out and talked some more – we both decided we always wanted to walk on the beach during the dark hand in hand. So we walked across the street for a romantic walk along the shore.

This was something we always saw in the movies – but neither on of us experienced it in real life. We just walked hand in hand along the sand and waves coming in. It was one of those surreal life moments that will be forever ingrained in your mind. Finally he stopped me and swung me around and gave me this amazing kiss. He looked in my eyes and something shifted.. he said he has never experienced love like he has now. He is a hopeless romantic. He thinks with heart. He puts other’s before him. He wants everyone to be happy around him. He never wants to lose me. He knows every last dark secret of my past after this weekend. He trust me. He adores me. You know when you can look in a mans eyes.. and feel that tug from the soul.. he is the one. He knows I am his.. and he is never letting me go.

This weekend did move our relationship to a new level. It moved me into believing I found the true soul mate that is just like me in opening emotions. When we got back to the hotel and were laying there.. I saw him put his hands to his eyes. I felt him to start to shiver. I looked at him and tears are just streaming down his face. He was trying to catch his breath. I just held him in my arms. I knew exactly want he was feeling.. the over powering – indescribable feeling of emotions that we have.. and you get to that point.. you don’t know what to do but cry with happiness.. that moment I will never forget.. seeing him break down .. let his heart out.. seeing that I made this wonderful gift of a man move in such a way I have never seen…my heart grew even more for him.

He is protective – smart – sweet – the most adorable man ever. I don’t know what I did to be treated like this.. this is my fairy tale.. I have been though a lot in my past – I made mistakes – I have learned from them – as he did with his first marriage. I know God put us together…I can go more into how we know this.. but that is another blog in time..

This weekend brought us deeper into understanding each other. This next month we will fall more and more.. and I can’t wait to see where God brings us.. Scott says God is in control.. if he brought us together in such a way that we are connecting in ways we thought we would never connect with another person.. God has more wonderful plans for us…

This story is not over by a long shot… words right now can’t describe how I feel.. but everyone knows how happy I am..


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