Bugs, Zombie Throw Up and a Beautiful Day

I picked the kids up Friday after school. Natalie jumped in the van and had her whole evening planned out. She told me she wanted to ride her bike, make zombie brains to eat and read a book. I was like okay – that sounds like a plan.

Santa bought her a zombie lab experiment kit. It is pretty disgusting. You use candy to make the gross bugs, vomit and brains. Perfect girls gift, right? Well, for my lil girl it was. I saw it at walmart and had to get it.

Let me say.. it is pretty disgusting. We put the head together and got the experiment working. First was the bug in the eye and worm in the brain.You make this jello substance and shoot a needle into the eye and brain. It actually smelled pretty good. I closed my eyes to taste it.. okay it was good. You set it in the fridge for about ten minutes to get it to set.

While we waited for our experienment to get ready.. the kids took thier bikes outside. My mom and dad got them these crazy bikes called Razor 360. It is a dare devil of a bike. You petal real hard than do a sharp turn and do a 360 loop. If I was a kid – I would love it – being a 33 year old mom – I am deathly scared of it. ( I actually tried to ride it and ended up with my back in the grass and a headache).

The kids love them. It gets them outside and off the computers. I am all game for that. After the dare devil of showing off to the neighbors kids – who sat with their mouths open. It was time to go check the zombie head.

I took it out the fridge and slowly peeled the bugs out the dead head. Natalie was anixious to try it first.

She had no problem with this.. Even my lil boy liked the worm..

Now – the vomit! This was interesting.. it was two types of liquid candy. You put one mixture in the brain – than it drains to thru the brain into a cup that has another liquid candy in it.. This had to be good Right??

Um wrong.. the kids couldn’t even eat it. I tried it and almost gagged. I think it was the smiley texture. We tried to pawn it off to the rest of the family – it was no go. I don’t think we will try this experiment again!!

But it was fun .. we laughed.. great family time! Thanks Santa for suggesting this goofy gift.


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